Humor in Attracting Girls

If you use humor, you can make those around you laugh more, of course. Eliminate most of their stress so you can have better conversations with them. It works! Dates that have no laughs are boring and dreadful to be a part of. Boring date. Add humor. Becomes a good and enjoyable date for the both of you. You won't think it's true, but if your relationship is about to met the ax, just use humor. Maybe you can still work things out.


Have you heard or read about the studies conduction around humor? Women love men who has them. It's been proven time and time again. It certainly helps to overlook flaws. Certainly, laughing can make people feel amazing. And it brings them closer, too. Who doesn't want that?

It brings people closer together because humor and laughter ties them together really tight, if you think about it. Nothing can beat some good laughter if it's shared and used to connect and strengthen bonds. All those bad emotions will suddenly fade away if you use humor. Think about it, you can be happy and sad, really sad at the same time. One has to be stronger than the other.

Make someone laugh, and watch her change state right in front of you. She'll be talking a whole lot and looking into your eyes even more. Humor can also make her more active, increasing her vitality even more. Humor is the best medicine - whoever said that is absolutely right.


Men who have a high status humor ranks high in personality traits that attract women, that's according to surveys. Sometimes a good sense of humor is all you need to get women to go out with you. There's no denying that.

Girls see a guy with a great sense of humor attractive because it makes the conversation lighter. A guy who is very serious in life makes the conversation heavy and boring. It seems men who's got good sense of humor are thought to be more intelligent than the boring guys since they can think fast to tell jokes. if you have a good sense of humor, it means you're also creative. They also have the ability to understand another's point of view.

It is often said that Laughter is the best medicine. It's good for the body as well as the emotion. Some of its health benefits include better immune system, lowers stress and blood pressure, and amazingly enough makes you heal better. No wonder women feels good while being with a man who has a great sense of humor. The days are just better with someone who can make you laugh. The're also confident that nothing will get them down for long.

Physical attractiveness don't matter that much when you got something better like your sense of humor. Women are more at ease with guys who has sense of humor. They can relax and be able to open up with anything. A man with a great sense of humor makes the woman feel confident.

When you meet women, be sure to make her laugh. Get her laughing and get her attracted. It's that simple. When that girl hit you, you turn it around and made it funny. Keep coming up with new creative ways to tease.

Seeing how it is now, don't you think humor's the answer to everything? I think so, too. There are the studies and research that support it, why not spread the word so everybody is happy, right? Having a sense of humor in relationship will add zest, help it become rewarding, and help see life in a different perspective.

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