Meeting And Approching Day Girls

If you think meeting quality women is hard, you're wrong. Most guys either meet women only or go to clubs to pickup girls. But if you think about it, there are other places to meet women.


If you go into a coffee shop, you'll see a girl there sitting bored and it's your chance to approach and talk to her. If you go to these locations, you'll never run out of women to talk to and have a good time with.


Most of these opportunities are often missed or ignored because nobody think it is possible. That makes these kinds of places perfect if you want to meet great women to have a relationship with. If you are not meeting women you find attractive during your daily routine, you are simply missing out.  Take a look at daygame blueprint members area and see what you're missing.
Meeting women during the day can be more fun than during the night. It's more casual and natural to meet girls during the day. You'll have more fun and there's less pressure. You can find a girl anywhere during the day. You just have to open your eyes and don't let chances pass you by. 

Your strategy changes based on where you are meeting women. During the day, women are walking around, probably out to buy something. You need to match the energy of your environment. In day game, you need to be more relaxed and casual like all the rest. You just need to walk nicely and start a normal conversation. 


Being able to start a conversation with someone you do not know can be difficult at first.


Get closer to the girl you want to talk to. That's always the first step. You don't need to be perfect and your opening line don't have to be great. It just have to get the conversation started. Be comfortable when meeting a girl just like it's a normal event.


Don't keep her waiting for too long, she could be in hurry and you're making her worry. Make time to meet women daily. Once you do it a few times it will be easy. 

If you're feeling lonely, there are many ways to meet women. Women are very social, they go out with friends and hangout with guys all the time. Use other people to connect with other people.


Expanding your social circle will have amazing effect. If you go to church at Sunday, there are women there for you to meet. They actually invite new people all the time so you'll have a lot to meet. Go around the city if you have the time and you'll meet someone for sure. 


It doesn't have to be a high pressure activity if you don't want it to. Find a good place where there are a lot of women. Look them in the eyes and say your line whatever it is. Be a part of something you believe in where there are also many women. Don't limit yourself in malls when there are other good places to explore. 

Take some time off to meet and spend time with girls. You have to take action to meet the girl of your dreams. Go to places where the women are plenty so you'll have more opportunities.


Meeting women on campus is really the easiest way you can find. Most students gather at certain areas to read books and socialize. Find out about anything you like and start talking to them. You can take the conversation wherever you want but you should meet for a date later.


If you want to learn something, you can take the night classes, too. Getting a conversation while waiting for a class is a good strategy. Find a class where there are naturally many women who enrolls. You'll have many things in common to talk about with her once you're in the same class. You will have many times to see her during the week and your chances should increase as well. Even if there's some girls who don't want to go out with you, there are plenty more available to go on dates.  

Learning to dance is another good way to meet girls. It's good to be able to move your body along with getting to know some girls. There is a great range of dance that you can choose from so you won't get bored. Having a girl as a partner will make it easier to get close.


Most of the time, there are more women taking on dance than men. If you can show your confidence as you dance, you got it good. If you can dance in a way that makes your partner feel sexy, attraction comes easily. The touching and holding in dancing creates bonding.


Get as many partner as you can and you'll get better chances. When you dance, keep your posture as a real gentleman would. Another advantage is having a strong common passion in dancing. Dancing makes it easier to communicate without words. There's no limit to the time you can spend with her once you get going. If you find a girl you like, just bring her to dance parties.  


If you're shy, meeting women could be a difficult. Something had to change to conquer your shyness and gain some confidence. Take it slowly if you want but do it anyway. Try to greet people you encounter every day. The start may be a little rough but as long as you do it, you see change. After some time, meeting women won't be anything special.


They don't have to be friendly with you, just start talking anyway. Just be nice and talk to them like it's just natural to you. What you want is become comfortable talking to others and not let others affect you. You have to be able to expand your comfort zone so you can meet pretty women. Practice being social, that's a great exercise if you want to get good at meeting women. Sooner or later, your fears of meeting girls will disappear and you'll be able to do it well.  

Wnen you talk to girls, don't think of anything, just have fun. Don't be afraid to try new things you can think of doing. Live every day as if it's your last. Try and talk about things she might enjoy more.


It will become easier once you get her talking because women love to talk. Show interest in the things she's saying, you never when you can use them. Pay attention when she talks and look into her eyes. using humor always add something to every conversation, be sure to use it when you can. And then flavor in some compliments to make her smile.

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