Knowing How to Attract Women

Finish going through this and you'll have some answers to your questions on how to attract women.


Of course, communication is a very important skill if you want to be successful in wooing women. It is one of the foundation you need to build in order to attract girls. It will not be easy to attract girls unless you can talk to them. How you talk to girls and interact with them will reveal your personality.


In the first few minutes of the interaction, the girl will already have a score of your attractiveness. This is the usual time frame they make a mental judgment on the guy they're talking to.


Learn to develop and master you conversation skills if you want to attract girls.


Don't talk like you are in an interview if you are out in a bar or club trying to meet women. You won't get any girl if you talk like that. When a girl asks you questions, your answer needs to be funny.


Get to the point when you answer her questions.


Don't give out too many straight answers either.


Memorable comebacks can be one of your best secret weapon to get the flirting going. One thing you always want to do is show how confident you are. Women like men who are sure of themselves and what they want.


Remember, the more value you add to yourself, the more attractive you become to women.


Girls don't like men who go after every girl they see.


Rather, girls become highly attracted to men who have girls chasing them. It is a simple concept. If a guy is preselected and other girls noticed, those girls will be intrigued and interested.


Girls will be curious why other girls are with this guy. He must have something going on. Pretty girls get approached by guys thousand of times a day. A lot of time, these approaches are similar and lame.


Life is hard being a beautiful girl. You can use that to empathize with her while you talk about it. Sometimes it can be really funny when you give examples. This is just one of the way you can get things moving your way.


It really differentiates you from other guys she has met before.


It makes her comfortable.


Keep the good things going and you are on your way to her heart and wherever else you want to go. How do you if can be successful with a girl? Simply look into her eyes and you'll know. If a girl initiates eye contact with you, you'll know if she's interested if she smiles at you.


However, if she turns her head away without much change in her expression, she's looking for something else. This shows just how much more you'll have to work. Your actions constitute to most of what you want to say to someone. Non-verbal says more about you than anything else.


It doesn't really matter if you have few things to say. What is important is to be able to say the right things with your body.


It is simple to see if someone is not confident enough just by looking at his body language.


Even a genuine smile can't be easily faked.


Trembling hands will give you away.


Watch what your body is telling those who are around you. You can also be more observant of her body language.


It is vital to approach with confidence than to focus on what you are going to say.


There is no need for any pick up line you hear about going around when you have rock solid confidence.


The key is supreme confidence.


Because confidence is what women look for and wants, you better have it ready when meeting them. What you've read are just some of the most basic skill to know how to attract women.


Build up your knowledge so you can avoid the struggles most people have.



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